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Burnout Battle Plan: A Six-Step Guide to Reduce Overwhelm at Your Organization

Here’s how to measure, resolve, and prevent burnout at your company.

What’s Inside?

Exhaustion is overwhelming today’s workforce, with four out of five employees at risk of burning out. Numbers like that often leave HR leaders feeling outflanked in the fight against this growing crisis. 

But they’re not. 

Burnout is preventable, both at the individual and institutional level. With the right tools and strategies, HR departments have it in their power to restore employee wellbeing!

This will include:

  • Surveys to measure burnout in individual employees.
  • Metrics to gauge levels of institution-wide burnout.
  • Tips for finding the time and resources needed to fight burnout.
  • Actionable ideas for preventing future burnout.
  • Strategies to track burnout reduction over time.

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