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Understanding and Overcoming Burnout in a New Era


About this ebook

In this ebook, we aim to provide context on how stress might be affecting your employees, your company, and potentially be the leading cause of burnout. Most importantly, what you can do to help as an HR executive or leader.

This ebook includes: 

  • What exactly is burnout? 
  • What are the causes and consequences of burnout? 
  • How to implement supportive changes in the workplace
  • How you can be a leader in overcoming burnout

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What is Gympass? 

Gympass is a complete corporate wellbeing platform that ignites and fuels every journey to feel good. We do this by reinventing wellbeing, making it universal, engaging, and accessible. Worldwide companies rely on Gympass' unmatched variety, convenience, and flexibility to support their employees’ health and happiness.

I started to better myself when I found out the company I worked for provided this program. I fell in love with it and would love to continue! Lisandra Leon, CVS Pharmacy
Being a first-time mom during the pandemic and raising a newborn without support, mental health and nutrition apps available on the platform have helped me navigate the challenging journey. Sree Karampudi, BMS

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