HR: Learn From 2021, Prepare for 2022

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Step Back, Take a Breath, and Prepare for the Road Ahead

The pandemic has continued to force HR to reassess its entire approach to how work gets done. What insights can we take away from 2021 to help us make better decisions as we move into a new year?

To remain competitive in 2022, HR needs to address two overarching areas:

Protect your employer brand — to continue to attract top people


Of Americans won’t take a job with a company that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed1

Protect your people — to boost engagement and reduce turnover


Of employers expect to have trouble keeping employees in 20222

Keeping Your People

Supporting Your People

Employee Experience:
Aligning With Your People

3 Top Strategies for Keeping Your People Amid the Turnover Tsunami

With 2022 expecting more remote work3, an increasingly diverse workforce4, and expansion of the hybrid work model5, HR should:

  1. Set up employees for optimal work-life balance, so they're able to meet their personal obligations and be happy at work.

  2. Commit to upskiling and reskilling through a range of learning experiences that are personalized and will help attract and retain great people.

  3. Have a holistic wellness strategy in place — don't just apply benefit Band-Aids here and there.

Support Your People With a Wider Range of Benefits

The pandemic accelerated a trend toward benefits that are more flexible and more inclusive. To adapt to the changing world of work and new employee expectations in 2022, you should be considering these three most-desired benefits.

1. Increased childcare and family benefits


Businesses that invested in "non-traditional" benefits6, including childcare stipends, during the pandemic

2. Stipends or expanded spending on home office equipment


Share of the American workforce7 expected to be working remotely by 2025 — an 87% increase from pre-pandemic numbers

3. Mental health support


Employers that have allocated an increased amount of resources for mental health benefits8 in direct response to COVID-19

Enhance the Employee Experience With a Stronger Company Culture

A high-performing culture is considered the cornerstone of a better employee experience, greater engagement, and higher productivity. To help your organization adapt to the changing world of work and new employee expectations in 2022, here are five of the most common features in high-performing company cultures.

  1. 1. A strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion9

  2. 2. Trust in leadership10

  3. 3. A rich and embracing onboarding experience11

  4. 4. A culture of health12

  5. 5. Leaning into and nourishing agility and resilience13

Where Are You Headed in 2022?

HR now has the opportunity to reassess the one thread that runs through all of its varied responsibilities: helping create an employee experience that is equally beneficial for the workforce and the organization. A large part of that effort will be to continue supporting the varied health and wellness needs and expectations of a more remote, more diverse workforce.

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