Support Your Employees As We Navigate the New Normal Together

Give your workforce what they want — proactive communication, flexible work arrangements, safe workspaces, and a strong culture centered around wellbeing.

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Know What Your Teams Need

The restrictions in the wake of the global pandemic forced employers to evolve fast — dispersing teams to work from their homes. After a year of being forced into remote work options, employee preferences are shifting dramatically. They want flexibility in their workday.

This growing interest in flexible work arrangements is not surprising, as 80% of employees say meeting deadlines and getting their work done has been easy since moving to fully remote work.

Part of this fondness for working from home comes from hesitations about going back to the office.

People Are Anxious About Returning On Site

The wake of the pandemic is leaving a lot of people still concerned about getting sick. But that’s not their only fear.

Top fears associated with returning to on-site work

Worsening their work-life balance


Increasing their chances of getting sick


Decreasing focus on employee well-being


Having worse flexibility in their day-to-day work

55% of U.S. workers want a blend of “at office” and “at home” work schedules.

Source: Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR):
“How working from home works out” Jun 2020

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Say Hello to the New Normal — Hybrid Work

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Working remotely for more than a year, it’s become clear that our employees have enjoyed the freedom of a more flexible work environment and are just as productive at home. A hybrid working model will allow us to provide them this benefit while also providing the office as a place to collaborate and build relationships.

Nikki Salenetri, VP, Human Resources at Gympass

How to Support Employees Returning to Work


Adhere to up-to-date government guidelines.


Establish open communication channels


Keep culture and recognition top of mind.


Build a holistic employee wellbeing program that is accessible.

Keep Your Employees Safe and Healthy With Gympass

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