The New Employee Experience: Here’s How You Can Prepare

Everything about the employee experience has new meaning compared with just a few short years ago. To thrive in 2022 and beyond, you need to know what’s behind the shift and, more importantly, how to deliver on a high-performing employee experience.

Work Is a Business Experience — and a Human One

The pandemic didn’t ignite the change to a greater awareness of the employee experience, but it sure accelerated the forces behind it. Here are four ways work has shifted to be a human experience as much as a business one:

1. Reconnection with purpose


of millennials expect their employers to be more culturally aware and focus on societal or mission-driven problems (Deloitte)

2. A greater focus on mental wellbeing


of non-managers would be more likely to stay with a company that provides “high-quality resources” to help them care for their mental health (Modern Health/Forrester)

3. Providing a future of personal growth


of employees would be somewhat or very likely to leave a company due to feeling dissatisfied with the available career opportunities (Lattice/Censuswide)

4. Truly committing to diversity and inclusion


of employees feel a diverse workforce will become increasingly important as roles, skills, and company requirements change (Citrix)

Step Back, Take a Breath, and Prepare for the Road Ahead

“Employee experience is the sum of all the touch points and moments that matter between employees and their employer. It sits at the heart of delivering superior customer experience and outstanding business performance.”

— Willis Towers Watson, “Deeper Dive Into the Employee Experience Implications of COVID-19”

Companies with a more effective employee experience outperform their peers. Period.

1-year change in gross profit margin graph

Willis Towers Watson, “Deeper Dive Into the Employee Experience Implications of COVID-19”

Three Ways You Can Respond

  1. Focus on the Employee Experience to Attract Top Candidates

    Consider investing in employee self-service for a seamless candidate experience and reimagining your career site to be more focused on today’s candidate.

  2. Focus on the Employee Experience to Reduce Turnover

    Consider increasing childcare and family benefits and mental health support.

  3. Focus on the Employee Experience to Boost Your Employer Brand Among Former Employees

    Consider making learning and development accessible to the very end of the employee journey and enabling connection with former employees after they leave.

What Does Your Employee Experience Look Like in 2022?

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